Online Counseling (Telehealth)

Young children:

Younger children often come to counseling for issues related to difficulty coping with emotions and problem behaviors. The therapies used to help them with these issues require the parents’ involvement and there is no better place to work on those issues than in the home setting. Through the use of online counseling, our therapists provide the parent direction and coaching to help the child develop emotional and behavioral regulation skills. This not only enables the child to learn the coping skills they need; it also enables parents to learn strategies they can continue using long after the session is over.
online kid counseling


In today’s age, teenagers are quite comfortable communicating via technology. Many teenagers report feeling more comfortable opening up via online counseling. From a therapeutic perspective, teen therapy often involves emotional expression and the development of cognitive and behavioral coping skills. These interventions are easily conducted through the online counseling process.
online counseling


Therapies for adults are often referred to as “talk therapy” and thus easily conducted through online counseling as well. During this time of crisis, many adults are experiencing high levels of stress balancing the demands of working from home or recent job loss. We are grateful to be able to provide counseling services to help navigate these challenging times.