We are always accepting new clients, at times our wait for an appointment may be longer than others. Being flexible on which clinician you see and what days and times you can come will likely get you an appointment sooner.

You do NOT need a referral to be seen at our practice. You can simply fill out our appointment request form and a staff member will contact you.

While we do not have a psychiatrist/medication prescriber on staff, we do have a list of practitioners we can refer to you and we can also coordinate your care with them.

Typical successful therapy takes 8-12 visits. However, treatment times vary depending on a few different factors:
a) your commitment to coming to session and implementing strategies;
b) the severity of your condition;
c) for children/teens, treatment is more successful when parents are involved and coming to family sessions.

We do offer diagnostic assessments that can determine if you symptoms are related to ADHD diagnosis. We only do this for ages 8 & up. The process takes a minimum of 4 sessions. Sessions themselves may be reimbursable by insurance, however, any formal assessment reports are not reimbursed by insurance.