ADHD Information


At Firm Foundations, our providers work to create an in-depth understanding and evaluation of an individual’s presented symptoms and impairments. When exploring ADHD, the provider will be assessing for a persistent pattern of inattention and/or hyperactivity–impulsivity that interferes with functioning or development. Often signs of ADHD are present in childhood and cause impairments in multiple areas of functioning, therefore, we ask that all past evaluations or testing results be provided. In order to gain an overall understanding of an individual and their difficulties, the ADHD Evaluation process will include FOUR sessions. The first 3 sessions will include interviews, screeners, and assessments to gather information necessary to explore the presence of ADHD symptoms. The final session will consist of a feedback session where the results of the evaluation are explored, diagnostic outcomes are reviewed, and treatment recommendations are discussed.


Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder, meaning a condition that is due to differences in in the development and function of the nervous system (NIH, 2019). In some instances, additional and more specialized testing may be recommended in order to obtain a valid and accurate diagnostic picture (Learning Disorders, ASD, etc.). Many other diagnoses have been shown to display symptoms that commonly overlap with ADHD symptoms. Firm Foundations providers aim to establish the root relating to the presented symptoms and impairments. In some cases, an ADHD diagnosis is not fitting, therefore, at the beginning of all ADHD Evaluations communications towards the purpose and consent for exploring other potential causes will be discussed.

Another important factor to consider when exploring an ADHD Evaluation is the use of outside or third-party observations. Firm Foundations implements a multidimensional approach toward the evaluation process, therefore, requests for teacher, parent, spouse, and other third-party insights are often explored (especially for child evaluations).

Some evaluations may result in recommendations for medication management; however, Firm Foundations does not provide medications. Referrals for potential providers in the areas will be available. Not we typically do not assess or diagnose ADHD before the age of 8.